“This is what is going to make us better Intel employees and also better people.”

 – Jason Frese, Oracle Team

The ZIDIWORK Platform inspires workforces with a steady drip of carefully-curated inspirational material, combined with regular, motivational presentations and messaging that management can use to help their teams be even more successful.

The ZIDIWORK Platform consists of four powerful components:


Daily Inspiration

Users receive carefully-curated, thematic daily content that is designed to inspire, start conversations, and spark them to take positive actions in their lives. The content is mostly short videos, stories, and interviews, often containing powerful quotes. Everything is easily-digested, with participation usually requiring no more than a few minutes each work day.


ZIDI Talks

ZIDI Talks are powerful, inspiring web-based presentations by our hand-picked team of Mentors. You will have access to Olympians, business leaders, war heroes, entrepreneurs, and other amazing people who have overcome enormous obstacles to achieve huge success. We schedule multiple Talks every month on a variety of topics. Each one lasts roughly 30-45 minutes and they are free for all users to attend.

Meet some our ZIDI Mentors:

Alex Gregory, Olympian

Charles Scott, Cool Dad & Adventurer

Jason Lewis, Adventurer

Sue Black, Computer Scientist


Manager Guides

Managers and team leaders will also receive a weekly overview of upcoming content, plus suggestions for how to engage their team in discussion that week. This is not a strict curriculum, but simply ideas that managers can choose to adopt and share in their own style. Some will use ZIDIWORK material as the cornerstone of weekly team meetings. Others will engage with employees individually.

We will also let you know about upcoming ZIDI Talks or any upcoming special events.



ZIDI Surveys are taken every 90 days to get the pulse of your workforce. Specifically, we are looking for actionable feedback that your company can use to improve it’s work environment. We look for the things that your company is doing well, as well as the areas that could be most efficiently improved.


happy employees

There are many immediate and long-term benefits of bringing ZIDIWORK to your company. Some of the primary benefits include:

greencheckMore motivated employees. Inspiration and positivity are contagious. Our goal is to improve your company’s culture.

greencheckOutsourced happiness. While many companies have in-house departments in charge of employee happiness and well-being, many others do not. For those companies, our services can help fill that gap.

greencheckSupport for managers. We give managers the supplemental materials they need each week to further engage, motivate, and lead their teams. We help managers be better managers.

greencheckA breath of fresh air. Our inspiring content comes from us, and is specifically curated to motivate your workforce. We are something new, and different than the regular corporate material your workers are probably tired of seeing.

greencheckEmployee insights. Throughout our program, we conduct polls and surveys. The results can help guide your company moving forward.

greencheckHigher retention rates. Happier, engaged employees are more-likely to stay in their job. Employees who feel like their company cares about their well-being are more loyal.

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