87% of employees worldwide are actively disengaged and uninspired by their careers.

– Gallup

Disengaged Employees

Far too many of today’s corporate employees are unhappy in their careers, and are unmotivated to do their best work. Their negative attitudes can be contagious. Over time, doing the “minimum to get by” can become company culture.

Disengaged workers cost the U.S. $450-$550 billion each year in lost productivity.

– Gallup

Companies have been struggling for years to solve this massive problem, with traditional methods bringing few results. Some offer more perks to keep employees, such as better benefits, more vacation, free lunches, and gym memberships. Some companies believe that better-trained employees will be happier, and they continually invest in training and coaching programs. Others rely on a handful of large-scale events and conferences to keep employees inspired and engaged. Finally, more companies are creating in-house employee “happiness” departments, investing huge dollars in payroll and infrastructure to find ways to keep their employees happy and loyal.

Unfortunately, these traditional solutions are barely moving the needle.

Work/Life Balancing

work life balanceThe heart of the problem lies with the mistaken belief that professional development will sustainably-inspire employees to be happy at work.

The truth is that perks lose their luster, training programs are eventually resented, and the motivated afterglow quickly fades after big conventions with expensive speakers.


It’s personal growth, not professional growth, that sustainably-inspires people and makes them happy. People who are fulfilled on a personal-level are the ones who are excited to give their full energy to their careers. Turning unhappy, unfulfilled people into inspired and engaged employees is simply impossible. Only people who are happy in life will then also be happy at work.

Think about the concept of work-life balance. People are trying to be content-enough in life to balance out the discontent they have at work. They try to be happy-enough during their non-work hours to offset how unhappy they are during he workday. And why are they discontent at work? Why is there a need to “balance” anything? Because their careers get in the way of the things they are wanting to achieve in their personal lives.

No wonder people resent their jobs… their jobs literally get in the way of their happiness.

Putting Personal Happiness First

“You need to think about what your crew needs to stay engaged, and what motivates them in the long term. ”

-Richard Branson

What if, instead of getting in the way of our personal happiness, our jobs actually helped us develop it? What if, instead of motivating people to be successful employees, companies motivated their employees to be successful people?

At ZIDIWORK, we believe that inspired, happy, fulfilled, energized people make for happy, engaged, and amazingly-successful employees. We believe that companies can change a culture of “active disengagement” to one of contagious, positive, enthusiasm. And, we believe that the companies that embrace this philosophy will be the companies that attract the best talent and achieve the greatest success in the coming decades.

The ZIDIWORK Platform is designed to fill the Inspiration Gap with a steady drip of non-invasive, carefully-curated, inspirational material, along with the messaging that management can use to help improve company culture. Every day will be a small step in the right direction. Every message and conversation will open doors for your workforce that were locked before. Employees will genuinely be happier, more driven, and more successful because of their jobs, not in spite of them.