ZIDIWORK brings personal development to the workplace.

ZIDI: (Swahili) verb \’ze-de\ : Go beyond, become greater, grow, do more

“This is what is going to make us better Intel employees and also better people.”
– Jason Frese, Top Fortune 500 Company

A Problem Companies and Workforces Face Today


- Gallup

Professional Development

Companies today understand the value of training their workforces to achieve professional success. However many companies struggle to find new ways to help their employees achieve consistent and ongoing personal growth and success.

Why Personal Development?

Our fundamental belief is that a person will never achieve his or her full potential without some level of consistent and ongoing personal development.

“Happy employees are 31% more productive, 3 times more creative, and earn 37% more money.”
- Harvard Business Review

A New Approach

What would happen if a company devoted a small fraction of their professional development resources to personal developmemt? Over time, their workforce would be happier, more productive, more loyal, and more engaged.

Because the truth is that only inspired, fulfilled, happy people are able to become amazing, loyal, engaged employees.

Companies that embrace this shift in thinking and devote a small portion of their professional development resources to personal development will attract and retain the best talent in the years ahead.


Our B2B Content Platform will help a workforce become their best, happiest selves and help managers become better managers.

As a ZIDIWORK User, you get:

  • ZIDI Mail: 3 weekly emails with carefully curated thematic content with powerful stories, videos, interviews and quotes designed to inspire, start conversations and help spark positive actions in their personal and professional lives.
  • ZIDI Talks: Live web based talks with mentors to share personal stories and developed expertise
  • ZIDI How to Videos: Dynamic library of digital tutorials with expertise, wisdom and perspectives from our Mentors
  • ZIDI Surveys: Take the pulse of your workforce to gat insight around areas like happiness, personal growth and retention
  • Activity Insights: Trackable progress to take actions that fuel your growth


Users receive carefully-curated, thematic content that is designed to inspire, start conversations, and spark them to take positive actions in their lives. The content is mostly short videos, stories, and interviews, often containing powerful quotes.
Everything is easily-digested, with participation usually requiring no more than a few minutes.

Emails are delivered 2-3 times per week. We track user engagement by how many emails are opened and who is opening them.

Total time commitment: 5-10 minutes per week.

ZIDI Talks

ZIDI Talks are powerful, inspiring web-based presentations by our hand-picked team of Mentors. These 30-min interactive, TED-style Talks cover a wide range of topics that are sure to inspire, spark creative ideas, and encourage team building actions.

You will have access to Olympians, business leaders, war heroes, entrepreneurs, and other amazing people who have overcome enormous obstacles to achieve huge success. We schedule multiple Talks every month on a variety of topics and they are free for all users to attend.

Total time commitment: 1-2 hours per month avg.

ZIDI Tools


Users have access to our library of amazing interviews with our Mentors. Download them, or enjoy them on Soundcloud.

For example, to the left is our interview with Nicholas McCarthy, who was born with only one hand, yet was able to become an accomplished piantist. He was the first and only one-handed pianist to graduate from the prestigious Royal College of Music.


Optional ZIDI Surveys are taken every 180 days to track participation, as well as the overall happiness and loyalty of your workforce.

Our questions go beyond typical corporate surveys, asking questions about personal happiness and work-life balance.

ZIDI Gives

We have partnered with Youcaring.com to offer company teams a crowdfunding tool to create campaigns for colleagues, teams, community, charity events, and other important causes.

Through ZIDI Gives, each participating company will be given a custom company page which will showcase all of the campaigns being run by people within that organization. This is an amazing way to see what causes other people in your company are trying to support, and also a great team-building activity for an office.


eBooks include:

ZIDI Manager Guide, which outlines the philosophy and methods for helping employees be more successful on a personal level.

ZIDILIFE: Inspiration for a Modern Generation

Happiness. Engagement. Retention.

How ZIDIWORK Improves Company Culture

Employee Perspective:

We all take time during the day to recharge our batteries; not because we are tired, but because we need to find a little inspiraiton to get us through the rest of the day.

Employees check Facebook, make personal calls, go for walks, browse the internet, chat with coworkers, and daydream. Everyone does their own thing.

With ZIDIWORK, we take some of that "recharge" time and channel it into something positive. Instead of another funny cat video, it's an inspirational story that just might cause that person to make a positive change in their life. Plus, because everyone watched the same videos and read the same stories, coworkers have someting positive to talk about when they need a break from talking about daily tasks.

This slow drip of unifying, positive content slowly changes what people think, what they talk about, and the actions they take. That is a positive change in any company's culture.

Manager Perspective:

Good managers and team leaders are always looking for effective ways to motivate their teams. They spend time and money with forwarding motivational emails, team pep talks, team-building activities, contests and prizes, office parties, breakroom snacks, motivational speakers, etc.

Yet, we still have an overwhelming number of employees today who are actively disengaged at work. Traditional manager-to-employee motivational techniques aren't resulting in high production, happiness, engagement, or employee retention.

With ZIDIWORK, Managers will have the tools to inspire their teams, not just motivate. Managers will earn affection and loyalty by encouraging their teams to grow as people, not just as workers. And, managers can save a good amount of the time and money they typically spend on motivational activities that have yielded poor results.

By leveraging our unifying material, managers can slowly improve the culture, engagement, and productivity of their teams.

Company Perspective:

Every employee and manager is spending time and resources to find inspiration. But, with no unifying themes or cohesive plan, everyone is effectively walking in different directions. This is a massive opportunity lost, because company culture cannot improve if everyone is doing their own thing.

With ZIDIWORK's consistent, unifying, thematic content, everyone can taking positive steps in the same direction, improving company culture, happiness, engagement, and employee retention.


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